Mrs. Hazel Smith

In mid-1984, Mrs.Hazel Smith had a desire for Norfolk to have a museum. She had Mr. Lee Turner, her attorney contact Mr. Leon Burnap, the Town of Norfolk Historian to see what they could do to get one started. She had a lot of antiques which she wanted saved for the town. Mr. Burnap contacted Mr. Richard Merchant, the Town Supervisor and a committee was appointed to select a suitable building for a museum, Mr. Ivan Wing and Mr. Alfred R. Smith were appointed. The old post office at 39 West Main St. was selected; after some modifications, made by Alfred R. Smith, Donald O. Bixby, Don Carson, and other volunteer workers, the grand opening was held on September 1, 1985.

William P. RodgersRogers as a boyRogers' boyhood home

William P. Rogers, former US Attorney General under President Eisenhower and US Secretary of State under President Nixon; born June 23, 1913. His birhplace was at 4 Bridge Street, Norfolk, NY 13676.

Rogers as a boy with his mother.

Rogers' boyhood home.


Norfolk has a proud tradition of service to our nation.